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areas of 

+ Balance
+ Edge Control
+ Quick Feet/First 3 Steps
+ Lateral Power and Quickness
+ Tight/Jam Turns and Transitions
+ Glide Turns and Transitions
+ Efficient Cross Overs

+ Position Specific – Skills & Tactics – Forward & Defence
+ Shooting Techniques – Snap, Wrist, Backhand & Slap Shots
+ Shooting in Stride/ Shoot to Score
+ Puck Skills/Puck Protection
+ Small Area Games
+ Team Tactics
+ On-Ice Coaching Mentorship


high performance

high performance

Skills & Flow


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Sam Marburg - Humbolt Broncos-Jr. A - SJHL 

Both Mike & Shift Hockey have helped me become a more efficient hockey player. I have been able to improve on my overall skills with there on ice development.

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Training with Shift Hockey will get you results. Improve on-ice performance,  decision-making, awareness, anticipation, and hockey IQ at our high-performance camps for all ages.


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